Turf Renovation

Green Zebra Landscaping provides full Turf Renovation Services

Top Soil

Many things besides fertilizer go into having a nice lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood. No amount of fertilizer will help if you don’t start from the right place. If you are starting a new lawn Green Zebra can level your yard if needed; then add a layer of the company’s own blend of top soil. Our supplier blends topsoil to our own specifications. This blend helps the soil retain moisture and remain less compacted. If the soil in your yard isn’t dark in color, or almost black it will probably benefit from top soil.


Good plants come from good seeds. Green Zebra typically uses elite varieties of seed based on the conditions of your property to create a thick, lush lawn. When planting a seed in your vegetable garden you don’t put the seed on top of the soil. You bury it. In the same way, spreading grass seed across the top of your soil will yield very poor results. If you are adding topsoil for a new lawn or repairing an established lawn, Green Zebra has the tools to get your new lawn seeded. How well the seed contacts the soil is the difference between excellent and poor results. From our experience from the demanding sports turf industry we have learned which machines don’t work, which ones do work and which ones excel at creating the critical seed to soil contact.

Area of lawn in bare dirt, prepared to be re-turfed