Lawn Fertilizer

If you are looking to improve your lawn, and your home’s curb appeal, Green Zebra Landscaping can help with a customized fertilizer program.

There are many benefits to a healthy turf. Many companies use inexpensive fertilizer which only feeds the grass directly, but has little lasting effects in the soil. When these companies stop making treatments, there can be a rapid decline in your lawn’s health and appearance. At the proper times, we use fertilizers that contain bio-stimulants to improve the soil over time. Improved soil will act as a reservoir for nutrients and water, which will help your lawn during times of stress like heat and drought.

We offer two fertilizer programs:

A Green Zebra lawn mowed with stripes and using fertilizer for a lush, green, healthy lawn.

Easy Care

– 4 applications of custom fertilizer
– Pre-emergent to control crabgrass and other grassy weeds
– Broadleaf applications to rid your lawn of weeds like clover and dandelions
– Surface insect control such as ants

Pro Care

Same as Easy Care, plus:
– 5th application of custom fertilizer
– Grub Prevention
– One nutsedge/kylinga control application
– Soil PH testing
– Vegetation control along sidewalks and curbs

Additional Turf Care Services

Bio stimulants

Bio stimulants improve soil, drainage water retention while acting like a reservoir for nutrients and
water. If your soil isn’t black in color, it most likely benefit from bio stimulants.

Nutsedge/Kylinga program

Nutsedge/Kyllinga can be difficult weeds to get rid of and if left untreated will spread. Nutsedge is that
pesky weed that looks similar to grass but grows at about three times the rate so it always looks bad. It
will start to outgrow your lawn and is visible within 2 days of mowing. Kylinga stays much lower but is
usually a lime green color. Both require a multiyear approach with this program to control these
problem weeds

Lime Applications and soil testing

PH is the measure of the soil’s acidity level. If the soil is too acidic or too alkaline, your grass will struggle, no matter how much water or fertilizer you use. In the northeastern part of the country the PH of our soils tend to be acidic.  Green Zebra applies lime to your soil to correct this. The only way to tell if your soil is acidic is with a soil test, which means lime should not be applied on a schedule but should be applied only when a test calls for it. We have the tools to monitor the PH levels of your soil.


Lawn roots have a hard time growing and pushing through compacted soil. Aeration will loosen your soil to help your roots grow deeper. Aeration also allows water to penetrate into the soil more effectively. We have two different types of aerators depending on the needs of your lawn. One is used to loosen heavily compacted soils such as when the soil is very dry. This aerator can go through the hardest soils. Our other aerator works well on moist, lightly compacted soil.


Dethatching will remove thatch that has built up from incorrect watering or fertilizer practices. Our dethatching service will remove this thatch and any debris built up over the winter or from a build up of grass clippings.